Credit Cooperative Society Software

Credit Cooperative Society Software

Credit Cooperative Society Sofware

Parakite Solutions develop most usable credit Cooperative Society Software which offers management of Multi-State Credit Cooperative Society Software and its all financial and administrative tasks with more accurate and effecient way. Our Software is completely web based software which manage all branch of cooperative society and other business needs. These software mostly used by Credit societies to manage their all transactions at a place. This is the way to enhance their business by getting more and implement latest feature and methos to manage your business with our experience team.

Credit Cooperative Society Software Development

Parakite solutions furnish the best credit cooperative society software which manages the core banking of nidhi mutual benefit banks and credit co-operative societies. Credit co-operative society banking software are helpful to every credit co-operative society to manage their data at very effective way. This software is a fully web based customize software. Therefore it has control on data from a centralize place. Our software developed in the guidance of the experience people currently works in the banking related institutes. So this software have all the features and facilities which used in any society. This software is much like a Nidhi Society Software. The overall performance of this software is good.

Credit Cooperative Society Software India

Today's credit cooperative society software manage all facilities provided by any credit society to their customers, we also known these software as mini banking software. The more adorable part of these software to provide complete management for cooperative societies which makes its flexible to use.

Multi State Credit Cooperative Society Software

Your investments are completely secured and making the best out of the available market opportunities. In addition software provides you the plans which suits according to your requirements for your benefit. Our software is user friendly and easy to use for customers that is makes more flexible to use. This software complete the requirements of the customers that enables them to makes it large network and mange in very effective and efficient way.

Mini Banking Software

Banks are the Credit Cooperative organizations which provide services like any other banks. These called as mini banks and the software which manages these credit cooperative societies are called Mini Banking Software. Now a day’s all most nidhi banks or co-operative societies wants to get more from their business. Hence these societies are providing the facility of different types of loans like gold loan, Home loan, Mortgage loan etc. Credit co-operative societies are very helpful and providing their best services to their customers. These societies do not require the extra information for different transactions and loans. This software is used by the credit cooperative societies.

These all the services provided by any co-operative society is completely managed by our software. So the user does not need to worry about the management of their customers, members and also their services. The structure of the credit societies is more complex much like MLM software i.e. level to level management or marketing management. This manage savings accounts, rd-fd accounts, MIS and different loan schemes with most easy way.

Software Modules

Masters Module
  • Branch Master
  • Collection Center Master
  • Rank Master
  • Plan Master
  • Pre-Maturity Master
  • Commission Master
Scheme Masters Module
  • Member Management
  • Advisor Management
  • Activation & Deactivation of Schemes
  • Scheme Wise Prematurity
  • Penalty Provision
  • Payout Details Master
  • RD, FD, MIS, Daily Plans Creation
Fee SMS Integration
  • Scheduled Sms Integration
  • Policy Updation Sms
  • User Modification Sms
  • Custom Sms Integration
Account Master
  • Receive Voucher
  • Payment Voucher
  • Branch Balance
  • Day Book
  • BalanceSheet

Member Management
  • Members Registration
  • Member Complete Summary Report
  • Members Report
Agent Management
  • Agent Registration
  • Agent Complete Summary Report
  • Agent Report
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Daily Policy
  • MIP Policy
  • Bond Policy
  • IR-Regularity Management
  • Approve Policy
  • Approve Installment Receipt
  • Installment Receipt
  • Policy Certificate Print
  • Cash Receipt Print
  • Passbook Reprint Setup ( RD, Saving)
  • Passbook Print Setup
  • Reward voucher
  • Salary Receipt
  • MIS voucher
  • Maturity Receipt

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Software Development

Parakite Solutions provide software development solutions at very large scale. We are the best software development company in Moradabad. Our software development services includes School Software, College Software, Institute Software, Online Exam Software, GST/Billing Software, RDFD Softwares, MLM Softwares and Many More.

Website Designing

Parakite Solutions is an superior website designing & website development company in Moradabad. We providing services affiliated to web designing, website maintenance and web portal development.

Mobile App Development

We are providing mobile app development services in moradabad and many more near by cities. Our Mobile app development services includes android app development, ios app development as well as many more.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO- As the word defines that it is the process of maximizing the numbers of visitors to a particular website and it should be high on list so in the same way we PARAKITE team also provide the same to our respective customers | clients.

Software Testing

Parakite Solution is an software testing service provider in India. Services which contain process of executing a application, software, web application for the intention to find the bugs and errors in the software.

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization helps websites to rank in the top of google searching. Through which users are able to see the website on the top of google search for the related topics.

Graphic Designing

We provide logo designing services in Moradabad. We believe that the image speaks more than words. Our team ensures to give the platform in same context for logo designs too for you and for your website

Website Maintenance

Parakite Solutions is the best Website Maintenance company in Moradabad. Upholding for everything is very necessary to do. In a same way Website protection or maintenance is also an important feature to be done.

Ecommerce Website Development

We are Parakite team, who is totally directed to create technology-driven business solutions. Which helps businesses transact with customers and suppliers economically. We try to bring buyer and seller on a same platform.

Our Expertise

School Management Software

Our School Software come School ERP Software is an advanced web based school management system. Software Effectively helps to overcome many of the hurdles comes in the way for managing the School.

College Management System

College Management System Software are compose for aid to Manage all the activities of an college by a Software. Software contains facilities like managing Student registration, Fee collection, Student transfer, Reports and many more.

Institute Management System

Institute Management System Software aid institutes to manage information of current/ previous year students, employees working in, staff members, fees management, Admission of students, Search students.

Online Exam Software

Exam management system software permits users to give/take online exams in actually easy, efficient, and accurate manner with minor manpower . This is a MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) based exams through which you can secure man power and time also.

Nidhi Society Software

Nidhi Society Software provides the flexibility to improve the working of various banking institutions, credit cooperative society, Nidhi mutual profit company and small non-depository financial institutions.

Credit Cooperative Society Software

Banks are the Credit Co-Operative organizations which provide services like any other banks or NBFC. These called as mini banks and the software which manages these credit co-operative society software are called mini banking software.

RD FD Software

RD-FD Software are proving its importance in the term of the customer’s interest in financial companies to getting more from its basic amount. RD stands for Recurring Deposit and FD for Fixed Deposit in which customer deposit some amount in the particular organization and get more instead real amount after fixed time of period.

MLM Software

Multi level Marketing Software also known as the Pyramid Selling or Network Marketing Software. These software aid organizations who wants to initialize their online multi level marketing business and services with ease and effective way.

Billing Software

Billing Software made for small, medium and large scale businesses over the millions of users. This software are aid to customers for making beneficial data storage for accounting business purposes.

GST Software

GST Billing Software one of the best accounting software with GST based calculations at a place. These software are proven most useful for any type of firm, company, udyog etc. Because they need accounting on good and services tax.


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