RD FD Software

RD FD Software

RD FD Software

At Parakite Solutions, you will get the best solution for RD FD Softwares. RD FD Softwares are those software which comes in use for managing the Recurring Deposit & Fixed Deposit services.

A fixed deposit (FD) is a financial service in which a sum of money is deposit by investors in banks and get returned with a higher rate of interest than a regular savings account, until the given maturity date. In these scheme customers allow deposit its amount for the fixed time of period for example one, two or five years etc according to organization’s plans provides for their customers.

An Recurring Deposit is a financial investment under which a term deposit is deposit by investor every month into their Recurring Deposit account and earn interest at the rate applicable to Fixed Deposits. In Recurring Deposit customers allow to deposit their amount on the daily, monthly, or weekly basis and after maturity time period they get amount with allowed interest provided by this organization.

An RD FD Software provides the facilities which contains services like RD(Recurring Deposit) Management, FD(Fixed Deposit) Management, MIS, Loan Management, Scheme Management, Policy Management, Saving Account Management, Deposit & Withdrawal Management etc. The Software Facilitates all these services in such a way that a user can easily management all these services in such a flow.

RD FD Software Development Company India

Parakite Solutions is a leading RD FD Software Provider in India. We have 4+ years of experience in developing rd fd software. Our Reputed Clients very well known for their activities in the department of RDFD, Nidhi Society, Credit Cooperative Society, MLM, banking institutions, Nidhi mutual profit company and small non-depository financial institutions. Our RD FD Software include facilities through which one can easily maintain his business activities and plan their further strategies for other business process. Our software contain facilities like managing rd plans, fd plans, mis plans, pre maturity management, policy management, member, loan and many more.

Our RD FD Software is fully customized according to clients requirements and uses. Our Development & testing team support our clients 24/7. Our Software development team first understand the requirement of our client whether it is small or big. It is our cup of tea to modify our software systems according our clients requirements.

RD FD Software Facilitates

RD-FD Software are proving its importance in the term of the customer’s interest in financial companies to getting more from its basic amount. RD stands for Recurring Deposit and FD for Fixed Deposit in which customer deposit some amount in the particular organization and get more instead real amount after fixed time of period. NBFC provides their customers such a huge list of schemes/services which continuously helps to rapidly grow this business. At present time financial plans are more interested to people, they show the interest in these schemes and get more amounts from Mini Banks with specified plans.

The Institutions and Financial Companies need RD-FD Software, They can get start their RD-FD business. They can easily manage their customer’s finance details. So manage their data like transaction of all deposits of particular customer. As we know data of customers from RD-FD deposits plan’s amount to all transactions under fixed time period. All transaction performed by a particular customer is too difficult to manage manually. So here RD-FD Software could manage these all circumstance at the simplest way and produce an effective and accurate result for their customers.

RD FD Software Scope

RD-FD is a word of Network Marketing Companies in the world. As we are quite aware soon with the help of awareness systems from strategies of multilevel marketing and getting more benefits with these strategies. Our RD-FD software having more facilities to manage all schemes includes by the financial companies consequently. Different Plans calculators likewise-Binary plan calculator and many more are include in our software to calculate more accurate result and keep growth in the business of the FD-RD. Overall reporting like recurring deposit installment report, fixed deposit reports etc.

The RD-FD MIS Software can be used in different kinds of investments and marketing plans that hold numerous types of investments. Credit Co-Operative Society is makes for customers to greater their investments on the basis of the plans.

Now a days the management of rd-fd schemes and plans by our software is quit easy than earlier days. People always expect to get more than their investments. Our rd-fd software are more light and fast, that perform measure management as soon as possible. This feature provides flexibility to our software to get more accurate and faster.

Software Modules

Masters Module
  • Branch Master
  • Collection Center Master
  • Rank Master
  • Plan Master
  • Pre-Maturity Master
  • Commission Master
Scheme Masters Module
  • Member Management
  • Advisor Management
  • Activation & Deactivation of Schemes
  • Scheme Wise Prematurity
  • Penalty Provision
  • Payout Details Master
  • RD, FD, MIS, Daily Plans Creation
Fee SMS Integration
  • Scheduled Sms Integration
  • Policy Updation Sms
  • User Modification Sms
  • Custom Sms Integration
Account Master
  • Receive Voucher
  • Payment Voucher
  • Branch Balance
  • Day Book
  • BalanceSheet

Member Management
  • Members Registration
  • Member Complete Summary Report
  • Members Report
Agent Management
  • Agent Registration
  • Agent Complete Summary Report
  • Agent Report
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Daily Policy
  • MIP Policy
  • Bond Policy
  • IR-Regularity Management
  • Approve Policy
  • Approve Installment Receipt
  • Installment Receipt
  • Policy Certificate Print
  • Cash Receipt Print
  • Passbook Reprint Setup ( RD, Saving)
  • Passbook Print Setup
  • Reward voucher
  • Salary Receipt
  • MIS voucher
  • Maturity Receipt

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