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Top 5 Needs of POS Software

Top 5 Needs of POS Software

POS software is what brick and mortar retailers use to conduct sales. It’s sometimes a cash register, computer, or even an i-Pad where cashiers input your products, tally the cost, and conduct the financial transaction. Most POS software will also communicate with inventory levels to keep everything in balance.

A lot of big box stores have wildly expensive POS solutions, some of which were custom built for their needs. Smaller retailers are moving away from these traditional POS systems and toward cloud based point of sale solutions.

Top 5 Needs of POS Software

Here are the top 5 Needs of POS Software:

1.Improve Efficiency – POS systems allows your staff to tend to revenue generating tasks such as helping customers. It eliminates the need to double-check inventory disparities and cash register reconciliation. POS systems dramatically reduce the effort required to do inventory and other repetitive paperwork. Improved efficiency means higher customer satisfaction, lower costs and higher sales.

2.Improve Customer Satisfaction– Using a POS system with barcode scanner will significantly speed up the check-out process. It gives you the ability to recognize your best customers and reward them for their patronage. It can easily collect customer data (from credit card transactions) that you can use for targeted advertising and incentive programs.

3.Timely and Accurate Reports – POS systems give you the ability to analyze sales data. You can measure the effectiveness of pricing or advertising campaign. You’ll know what items need to be ordered and in what quantity. You can identify high margin items and promote them further. You can easily calculate daily gross revenue, cost and profit. Historical data analysis helps to forecast your future needs.

4.Reduce Shrinkage – since inventory quantities are tracked in real time, understanding shrinkage becomes easier. Every modern POS system includes receiving and inventory functions. Proper use of these functions helps pinpoint the causes of inventory loss, reduces “out of stock” conditions and makes overall business management easier.

5.Flexible Expansion Options – Most POS system software gives you the ability to add registers and administration computers. If you have an eye to expansion, make sure that you can connect the multiple stores via the web or other connection method. This will allow you to use a single system to manage all your locations.

These are the top 5 Needs of POS Software. To know more about POS Software contact us on

Improve Your Business With Modern Features of POS Billing Software

Improve Your Business With Modern Features of POS Billing Software

If you are running your business, then you are definitely familiar with POS software and it’s features. There are some features which may be common for all POS software such as – making invoice, GST billing etc. there are some features which are not common in all POS billing software such as – auto backup, cloud data storage. Some feature came after your software developed so to improve your business you also improve your billing software too.

Let’s have a look on those modern features which necessary to upgrade in your POS billing software.

Cloud storage –

Cloud storage is very efficient and effective technique to store the processed data. With the help of cloud storage the data of the software can be access very easily with security. It store the data on the online servers not physical servers. The benefits of cloud server are – they provide fast processing data, there’s no risk of hacking of data, no risk of physical damage of the data. With the help of the cloud storage you can use your software remotely.

Remotely Access of the Software –

As we discuss before that data is stored on the cloud server which is available online, so because of this you can access your software anywhere anytime but it is mandatory a internet connection to make a connection between the software and cloud storage. Its better way to work on local server based computers.

Security –

Data security is very important to all, important to customer and as well as seller. Hacking is not only the issue of the data security it may be damage from external damage, may be damage by water effect and moisture. So to avoid these risks you have to need a system that back up your data 24X7 and 365 days continuously.

Automatic Update and Back Up –

Your older software may be running on your local computer so you have to need the backup daily wise on a particular time. If there is need of the new feature in the software then it will simply upgrade to new software.

Need of Upgradation of Your Current POS Billing Software

Need of Upgradation of Your Current POS Billing Software

If you are using a POS software for your business then you will definitely face some problem during the transaction with the customer such as – slow processing, less features etc. So with the time you should upgrade your billing software as your business is upgrading continuously. You can’t handle all types of bills with your old software. The electronic things also have their own life cycle which may be expire on its time period. We can upgrade your POS billing software in Moradabad. There are some reasons and benefits to upgrade your POS billing software.

Slow Processing –

On a particular time the software will be slow due to its processing and it will not be perform well manner while you work on it. There may be some reason of this condition such as – fulfillment of database. After some year the database will be full with the software’s data and the new data will not be get place to store in the storage so the software will be wait to find the space in the storage.

So to maintain the speed of the software you should upgrade the software from our team.

Security –

Now days many hackers invent new tools which can be harmful for your software’s data. Your software is developed on based on old technology and there may be created some bugs and loop holes to make weak your software. So we recommend you to upgrade your security of the software and work freely.

Need of Modern Business –

After coming at a stage the software will not manage all items of your business. There may be some new task which may be important to do but your software will not support it. In that case you should upgrade the software to manage all items.

Suppose the GST comes in the middle of the session now your software will not support the bill applying with GST. But GST billing is mandatory for all business. In that case you have two ways, one is to develop new software for your business and other one is to upgrade your software. And we recommend you to upgrade your software because it will upgrade fast and comfortable in price.

Lack of Real Time Processing and Efficiency –

As we told you earlier, your software has build in the previous time and this time has new technologies such as cloud storage system which helps to make software very light. So if you want to your software fast in speed and light in weight then do upgrade the software with new software.

Don’t Do These 5 Mistakes While Choosing POS Billing Software For Your Business

Don’t Do These 5 Mistakes While Choosing POS Billing Software For Your Business

POS billing software is important to billing in our business. If you have any idea about POS Billing software then you will try to purchase billing software in Moradabad. You don’t have any knowledge about billing software in that case you may choose wrong billing software that doesn’t match your requirements. See how choose best POS billing software in our previous post. So we will tell you 5 mistakes which you have not to do while choosing the billing software.

1.Modes of Payments –

You should many options to receive payments from your customer. A long time ago there was only a method which was cash payment but now days there are several modes of payments. There should be having several methods to receive payments which will be comfortable for customer and for you too. Discus deeply about the modes of payments with developer company and take whole information.

2.Hidden Price –

Sometimes the price of the software will hidden, which may be very low price with having star and having “terms and conditions apply”. These are the strategies to hide the real price of the software and to attract the customer. You have to care about this if you found anyone of this then discuss it with your vendor and clear the real price of the software.

3.Considering the “24X7 Customer Support System” –

Some company says that they will give you 24X7 customer support but they will not provide after the contract. Once the contract will complete they will give you excuse. They do fake promises to do their business so do not take such types software. Look the image and reputation first of that company in the market and know their satisfaction after that contact the vendor.

4.Don’t take software at low price –

As we know cheap products can’t give us satisfaction. These software comes under the cost with lack specifications which can’t manage your business data. So be wise and spent value money for the best and appropriate software for your business.

5.Should Not Based on Old Technologies –

Your software should not be based on old technology and your software should be scalable because if you will run your business wisely then you will get profit and get more data to store in the software. At the time of full storage of software you have to increase the capacity of the software. Now if the software is developed in the technology in which they scale the software then its better otherwise you will get a new software in more price.

5 Benefits of POS Billing Software

5 Benefits of POS Billing Software

Production is the key of any business and its success. That is why the business looks for different ways to increase the productivity. One of the most successful and known ways to increasing the productivity of an organization by using billing software in Moradabad.

There are many ways to efficient invoicing and billing software can remarkably improve the efficiency of your business and increase productivity. If you are a contractor, freelancer or operating your own business, you will need the billing software to increase the productivity.

1.Saves Time –

For young entrepreneurs, their most valuable asset is their time. It is all about getting more work done in less amount of time. On the other hand billing and invoicing takes the lots of time and not every entrepreneur have masters in administrative task. Under such situation billing software is important. It will save time and make life easier of the entrepreneur. Invoicing is a lengthy process.

2.Reduces the disputes and errors –

Invoicing involves several steps and human brain tends to make more error than computers. It may be also lead to delays in the payment process due to errors and this can harm your relationship with the customer. These errors and disputes can cost you lots of money.

3.Automation in accounting –

It is one of the greatest advantages of software is automation. Automation or automatic means performing a procedure without human intervention. Use of automation and smart machines increase productivity and reduces the cost of goods.

4.Brand’s Identity –

Billing software can help to establish your brand’s identity. Logos, color schemes and font can be added to the invoices according to your brand. As the brand gain the popularity, your business will rise in sales as well as customers and increase the chances of getting paid on time.

5.Reporting –

Reporting have most important in business so they need to be maintained and update as they can actually save your time and money. The reports play a significant role in the future of the company. Creating a report is a lengthy work which takes lots of time and efforts.

POS Billing Software in Moradabad

How To Choose Best POS Billing Software For Your Business

Time and money is valuable for all of us. If you are running a business then you also manage your customer data with manual entry or on the software. That’s not sure your software is perfect working. If you have any small and large business then it’s really useful to you in future for data management. There are so many POS billing software in the market but hard to choose a perfect software for your business. We will tell you how you can choose your perfect billing software in Moradabad for your any types of business on the basis of some facts.

Make a list Of Your requirements –

First of all you should make a list of your requirements. What you want in your software. Decide all features of your business. It’s the initial stage of development of your software. After making the list you have to select the platform on which your software will be operate such as desktop or mobile.

Check The Software Online –

After making the list you have to check the software online. See what types of other business are using software. Match your requirements to the software online. See their accuracy and efficiency of their performance. After selecting the software select the company to develop the software.

Take the Trial Of The Software –

Before giving the contract to development of the software to the company just try the software’s trial for few days. Perform all task on that and match your all requirements to the software.

Check The Security of the Software –

You should check the security of the software. Check how it will secure your data from unauthorized person. Check the confidentiality of the software.

Contact the Developer Company –

After selecting the company you have to contact the company and take a meet with company. Tell them your requirements and the all features which you want in your software.

Find Out The Company previous record –

Check company’s previous records and developed software by the company. By this you will sure that company can develop your software or not.

POS Billing Software

Some Myths About POS Billing software

Some peoples says that billing software are not useful for us because they feel comfortable working with their registers. So let’s talk about their thinking about POS Billing Software in Moradabad.

To check cash register is more easier to check previous records than POS Billing Software

They think that working with register is more comfortable for them but it’s not easy. How it can be easy for you? You have to turn your page of register and check the entries of all pages. It may be skip your desired entry from the page and you will check the wrong page again and again. It is total wasting of time too much. With our POS Billing Software you can find your desired value in just a single click.

POS Billing Software can do Only Billing work

If you think that POS Billing software can perform billing only but you are absolutely wrong because we haven’t developed it only for billing. We develop it with more functions to manage all of your work such as – payment management, items management and daily/monthly business reports. You can carry your register everywhere but you can take POS Billing software anywhere in the world.

I Have To Need High Internet Connection To Do Work On POS Billing Software

You don’t require the high speed internet connection to do work on the POS Billing Software. Only you have to need a normal internet connection to connect your device to the server.

POS Billing Software Makes Transaction More Complex

No! It’s makes your transaction more efficient and easy in making Billing of any customer. It generates automatically reports  and saved in the database. It do automatic calculation of your data which may be your amount and sold/purchased items.

I will Lost My Data during Failure Of Internet Connection

No! You will not lost your data while lost of connection because after failure of internet connection the software will be go offline mode and your whole data will be save in your device. While you will go online your data will be upload on the server.

Make Your Business More Easy With POS Billing Software

Billing software is a software which is used in making the report of purchased items from the retail store with applied all TAX. This software is very helpful in retail store to make bills with GST.If GST tax percentage changed then it will update the GST value in whole system of the retail store. It records the monthly sale report, customer information, all payments paid in the particular day or the month. The processed data will be store automatically stored in the server storage of the system.

What is POS Billing Software?

A POS is also referred as Point-of-Sale. POS is time and place where a transaction or payment completes in mall or in market. It is widely used in E-commers business, malls and on all places in the market. If you are a retailer and have a small or large business then you then you should know the importance of POS software in Moradabad.

The perfect POS system can track all analytics, sale monitoring and report generation of goods. POS also have range some POS have small storage but some POS have complex cloud data storage to manage the all data of the mall or shop.

Some types of POS –

There are different types of POS given below

  1. Mobile POS – These types of POS are based on mobile. All transaction can be done by phone of the seller. The processed data stored in the cloud automatically. You must be need a internet connection to use mobile POS. Your mobile must connect to some hardware such as bar code scanner. You can’t use POS on a mobile without the application of the store. There should be a app installed in the mobile to access the POS portal on the mobile.
  2. Cloud hosted POS – These types of POS are used at a high level. They are not for small business such as a shop. These are for hotels, malls and bar. There may be a host computer and some other computers. The host computer will store all data of all computers which they have processed in all day.

Benefits of POS Billing Software

Accuracy – It does accurate calculation of the data and amount. It manage different data at the same time such as customer’s information, sale records day by day. It will not give any error in the amount or in account.

Secure – It is fully secure. Without employee no one can access the POS portal on the system.

Consistent – POS software is very helpful in to increase the consistency of the store. There are several products arrive in the store with different rate so it can update the price and available discount on the particular item.