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If Your Phone Data is at Risk, Know How to Protect Your Phone Data

In this generation of technologies everyone use the smart phone but maximum people think about to secure data security but how to secure phone data. If you are an android user then you also will worried with this problem but we have some information for you which you need.

Maximum people believe that Google’s likes observe anything that you do on your phone is extremely increasing.  You add many more app in your phone as you want with long permission like as Apple, Google, and face book etc. It is making task of using your phone   personally impossible. Face book messenger was one of the most popular apps which successes to cracking our trust as Smartphone users it is done because this received many more attention of users .but it means not that user only uses it.

Orbot with Tor App:

The Orbot with Tor app is an open source and free app which has 63,000 rating. It is available on Google Play. It helps the users to communicate with over text message in easy and simple methods and give the permission to user to send all communication information by a distributed network which is provide by volunteers. On Android it is the mobile version that allows browsing internet safely and fully securing your information.

Installation No.-  7 million


K-9 Mail:

K-9 mail is the most secure app in encryption which encrypts your all e-mail specially.K-9 is the really trusted app because it received 150,000 best views of people.K-9 mail is the big player in encryption.

Installation No.-7 million


There are many app in the list of free and open source app. In this list CSipSimple and Chat Secure are also participate.

CSipSimple is a calling encryption app. Its capability is that it encrypts your calling.  The main focus of this app is to encrypt your calling when being easier to set up and use. This app is centralizing the best as calling encryption; it does absolutely that and only that.

If you want to install a chat encryption app then you easily get ChatSecure app from Google play store. ChatSecure app provides the facility to directly connect with you created social account and  use program like as Facebook, Google and Hangouts etc.

Many programs works with the combination of ChatSecure and Theema.Threema is also a free and open source app.