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Implementation of school Management Software (School ERP)

Implementation of school Management Software (School ERP)

Managing a system is not the piece of cake. It needs your full attention and time to manage any system perfectly. In this manner we are talking here about the school management such an hectic work to be done perfectly without any error what if someone trustworthy helps you in managing that such a relief but what if a software does it for you with the speed and accuracy of computer then here come the school management software or school ERP here we will tell you how to implement a school ERP in your system.

What do School Management software does– School Management Software is a helping to keeping all information related to other departments of a school in one place. This system is preferred amongst school as it provides them with an error-free system and does not require updating. School Management Software helps schools function more productively.

School management systems positively impact parents, teachers, students, administration or non-education staff and management. It does so by reducing the burden of repetitive tasks and processes by taking over them or by making communication or work easier through the use of intuitive features.

Why its Necessary- A school is also responsible for a student’s growth as helps them in developing various skills while imparting knowledge and nurturing self-confidence. Which makes it essential to have the best managing tools as part of the institution It improves the efficiency and effectiveness of daily institutional operations.

Attendance, homework, discipline, grades and achievements. Every information that is related to students can be easily accessed using a school management system. It helps teachers to quickly obtain information about students fast and easy reducing their workload.

As discussed above, school management software can be used by everyone. In fact, school management software touches every stakeholder in the educational ecosystem in one way or the other. School management systems positively impact parents, teachers, students, administration or non-education staff and management. It does so by reducing the burden of repetitive tasks and processes by taking over them or by making communication or work easier through the use of intuitive features.

Ease Of Having School Management Software

Ease Of Having an School Management Software

In today’s world having an app or an software for any business type is very common thing by which one can save his time and solve his problems very quickly. By this perspective if you owns a school or manage your job in a school you can save your so much of time by using a school management software. It is simple in use and it holds many of features starting from keeping student records to set your school time table which can do your work just in some minutes from collecting the school fee to manage the school examinations.

Here is the list of some features of an school management software –

Examinations- By this feature you can manage your school examination in a very different, simple and easy way. Just by submitting class wise marks of per subject it makes report card making very simple and quick.

Attendance- In this section one can keep the attendance record of students as well as of the employees on daily basis and on monthly basis too. You don’t have to manage so many of attendance register as for record. It gives you student wise attendance record report.  

Time-Table- A school time table can be set in this part and it gives you your all substitutions on just a click which puts you far away from time table headache.

Certificates– Making certificates as (T.C , Bonified, fee, C.C etc) again and again is very tiring but with this you can make it very fast just by adding a single or two information you can get you certificate very fast.

Fee- Submitting fee and keeping the record is the matter of responsibility. But with the help of an software one can manage it properly and in a very safe manner. Here in this module you get lots of reports such as daily fee record, monthly fee records, fee defaulter etc which makes your work easy and paper free.

Every school wants to go on top in the rank of all schools. It will make your school better in reputation there will more improvement will come in the school

How Your School Can Be Ranked At Top With School Software

Every school wants to go on top in the rank of all schools. It will make your school better in reputation there will more improvement will come in the school. In education sector there are too many schools in the form of your competitors with having extra school management skills. To go on the top you have to compete hardly with them. You have to adopt good school management to manage the school and it can be possible by our school software. We will tell you how you can make your school top in rank of all schools with our school management software in Moradabad.

School Management Software –

As the name tells this software is used in school only to manage the data of students. It replaces all manual work and paper work with the digital work. It works fast with efficiency without giving any calculation error. It can manage all of records of your school properly without doing any manual work on it.

How To Choose Best School Software For Your School?

There are too many school software in India but not all are suitable for you. You should choose your software very wisely to work on it. We will help you to choose best school software on the basis on some parameters.

Easy to Use –

Software should be easy to use for everyone. The user interface should be attractive with graphics. Some school software is complex to use. If the software is not user friendly then don’t use it.

Transparency – 

Transparency should be good of school software management software. Transparency has an important role in school software.

Customization –

The customization of the school software is also important for school because there should be need to change the modules of the software at any time. You should be able to add or remove the modules from the software.

Data Security and Data Backup –

Data security is very important of the school because student data is private so no unauthorized person should able to access it. If anyone can access the school data then he can misuse the data. School have financial details also of the student’s fee. The software should be able to take backup daily wise at a particular time in the end of the day.

Fast & Efficient –

School software should be fast and efficient for your school because it should be fast processing of data management. The result of the reports should be correct. Mark sheet should be generated by class and student also. You check how it works before purchasing the software.

You can choose your best school software with above parameters.

How can we manage school data with mobile applications ?

In this digital world all person have their own smart phone or computer and also they don’t have so much time to manage information manually.The school staff also don’t have enough time to manage data of school because of lack of time. It is too difficult to manage data on papers.

Teachers can manage data with an application too but first of all we need that application. It provides the security, flexibility and efficiency of the data. Teachers can update the data from anywhere its not necessary to present in the school to update data. It’s the easy and quicker way to manage the data.

Why data management application is important for school?

We will elaborate it in few points below:

Security of data: The security is much important in every field of information technology. Less security will make big problems in the future. Only authorized persons can edit, save and delete the data if any unauthorized person get access to make changes in the data then he/she can delete or update invalid data of student.

Easy updating in the data: school authority can easily make changes in the data in few minutes. He can do this from anywhere not only from office.

Publish notices and announcements: Suppose that a school is going to organize a competition now how school authority will tell about competition to all students. Normally they will go to every classroom and will make announcement for competition. May be some students will be absent that day and he/she can’t get any information about that competition. So it’s not a better solution for that.

If we have school management application then we can do this task very easily in few minutes. We will publish a online notice which will be visible to every students in his profile dashboard and that student will be familiar with the competition and no one will going to miss that.

Management of attendance: Normally teachers take attendance by calling their name in the classroom. It is the time taking process and wastage of time. Some students puts theirs absent friend’s proxy. If teachers wants to generate a attendance report of all students then it will take a week to calculate all attendance. School management software will solve all problems easily. It will generate all types of reports in one click only of selected days.

Comfortable in administration: with the help of school management software admin can generate reports without any error because it is system generated reports. If we do calculation from our self the there will maximum chances to raise more errors in calculation but it will generate fresh reports which will be error free.

Is that important to every school should have School management software?

Our answer is yes! because most of the things on the internet now days and all are taking steps forward to the digital world.In this case if we work manually then how can we called digital. In previous some year there comes a big revolution in the world of internet. India become the top country in the category of consuming data of internet. After seeing all of this many schools adopted the school management software in Moradabad. After using this software all task become very easy such as to manage the fee records of the students, report generation of the students result, attendance management of students and many more. All work handled very easily.

What is school management software ?

School management software is a computer software which control and manage data all activity of activity of the school automatically. It doesn’t need any expert to operate this software, any one who have computer and internet knowledge, can work on it. It is required because all schools hire a members to manage all data of school and being a human it can make some errors in data and it will make big problem. It is more difficult to manage the data of all school.

There are some reason why all school should have school management software in Moradabad:

Automation : It is fully automated. We have to give commands only or select operations to perform.  We don’t have to require to do any calculation from our self. It gives results very fast and error free. We can generate the reports of the students when we want by just a click. We can generate the results from this also.

Managing the attendance : To manage the attendance is also very easy with help of this software. Ago teacher record the attendance in the attendance in his attendance register but now time is change. It will mark by the computer operator automatically. School authority can see how much a student take leaves in one week or month or in a year. It can calculate the total present and absent of the students.

Organize online test : with the help of this software school can organize online test and generate the result at the same time. It will be generate random questions which will be multiple choice.

Management of school transport: school authority can manage all of their transport with the help of this software.  It will take all information of bus and van driver for children safety.

Form a communication between parents and authority: Now days parents have less time to go and check condition of their kid in the school so kids take bunk from the class and wander here and there. It will loss of student’s education. To solve this problem it will send a text message to student’s parents while he/she absent from the class without their parent’s knowledge.

Management of fee: It is very difficult task to everyone who manage these types of data manually on papers. He will make some errors in the calculation in the amount of fee. But if we do all management with this software then we will not get any error of the data.

Benefits of online fee payment system

Education is very important factor for our children now days. There are several schools who provides quality education to make bright future of children. In this case we have to select best school option for our kids.

We can select schools with some parameters with taking our mind like – management of school, construction of school, best teaching staff, best transport, environment of school and others. School should have use some new technologies to manage the school activities and data.

Some school use student management software in Moradabad, ERP and fee management system to manage the all data of students such as records of paid and unpaid fee. They software form a connection between the school staff, student and parents, which is better for students. Parents will know all activities of students such as his attendance, his test reports etc.

Some schools use online fee payment system that is very useful for manage school data. When they manage all data with digital method then can focus on school study and children.

There are some benefits to use online fee payment system:

Secure payment: It transfer the money amount very securely to the bank account of school management. In this time of digitalization there are so many hackers who steal our information and money too so there’s no chances to hack the system by hackers.

Automated calculation: This software performs all mathematical operation automatically when required. We have don’t need to take action it will automatic calculate and record the fee of students when he submit through the payment gateway in the given time. There is no need to human being to calculation on the student fees.

Notify to Parents: When student or parents submit their kid’s fee then a notification will go to parents mobile in the form of text or email. This message contains all information about the fee detail such as – total fee amount, date and time of submission of fee, fine (if any) of late fee etc.

Store previous data: It records all data of previous passed students of fee. Student can check previous receipt of submitted fee if he/she lost the receipt otherwise it will make some disputes between college authority and parents.

Generation of fee receipt: In previous days we submit the fee manually from the fee window at a specific time, if we submit fee late then they make fine on us. After that accountant who accept the fee, will make a fee receipt ad we have to keep it during all session. But with the help of online fee payment system we will get instant fee receipt. If we lost that receipt then we can generate other fee receipt in some

Error free and fast: If we work manually then some error will be raise calculation errors but after using online fee payment system will reduce all errors.

How helpful attendance management system is

Attendance management system is the revolution in institutional field. In previous days teachers makes the attendance in their registers by calling everyone names. It was the time consuming process. By this few time consume to make attendance of all students. In that case some student make presents of absent students because every teacher don’t know every student properly. So it is also a big problem in the record management of students. Attendance management system can solve of these problems with digital solution. No fake attendance will calculated of the students any days.

To resolve this problem we use school management system which is helpful to manage all data of the students which is in the institution. School management system can record students data such as fee, extra curriculum activities, published notices, school transport management, result generation, character certificate generation an many more task it can manage.

How much important attendance management system is for school ?

With the help of digital attendance management system we can do paperless work. It records the all students attendance in digital form. If we want to search any student attendance then it will return result fast and error free. If we do this work manually then it takes more time then digital process. It reduce the fake attendance from other students who is already absent.  It’s very fast to make presence or absence of the student. We can generate the student’s monthly attendance report, his all attendance, presence and absence in whole month.

Specifications of attendance management system in institutions

No error : It works for error free result. With human in manual management of attendance can make any calculation mistake. It does not include any extra present of student. It reduce all possible errors in calculations due to no paper work.

User friendly environment:   It works on user friendly environment with interesting graphics with bars and chart. With the help of this we can manage student data very easily with less errors. It can be operate by anyone member of the institution excluding students. Students can make their present on there and nothing. Faculty of institution can check details of any student day by day. It provide the security of database in which data of students is stored.

Notifying to parents : It generates a relation between parents of students and college authority. It sends notification through email or text message on parent’s mobile phone to notify the students current attendance status in the classroom. If student will absent without notifying to any teacher then school authority will send a text message or email to their parents to notify that your child with name is absent today, because of this parents will aware with their children all activities. It send leaves, monthly, weekly and annual report to student’s parents. It makes a good communication between college authority and parents.

Conclusion:  Its very important to track the student’s all activities on a single dashboard and it’s digital world and in digital world we can do and solve problems without papers and without errors.

Why Schools Should Have School ERP Management Software

Simplify data management through student management system

Simplify Data Management through Student Management System

Data management is a module to manage the data of any organization or any institution which have the large amount of data. This data updates daily and management of this data is mandatory otherwise we will not be able to recognize the data of a particular date so we use data management system.

The source of data of Data Management System is student management system. Student Management System collects the data from institutions. This data is collection of information of students, collection of result, information of fee payments of students, list of students which have fine of late payment of fee.

Some data is comes from various departments of the institutions, they all keeps their own departments information of students in database. The data of student may be name of student, date of birth of student, father name, address and many other personal and educational details.

Benefits of student management system

Availability of old data:

Old data is more important data for management  because any student of that institute which has pass out, can come with the excuse that my mark-sheet has lost so provide me new one. If they have manual data such as registers then they take more time to find that students records in previous records but with the help of student management system it’s possible in few minutes. Management will check the details in developed system and generate a new mark-sheet for student.

Reduce Data Piracy:

Student data management reduce the data piracy in the records of database. It also reduce the lots of errors such as in accounting, incorrect name entered etc. It provides the efficient data as output.

User friendly:

It works on user friendly interface which has graphical access and control to all modules. Anyone can manage data easily with less error. All reports shows in the graphical form which is detect fast as others.

Student data management is responsible for manage the whole data of the student. There are many ERP developer who are continuously working on ERP to make better. It tracks the all activity of institute such as fee reports, admission, attendance, student’s personal information.

Why Schools Should Have School ERP Management Software

Reason behind ERP software is most demanding software in Education sector

Reason behind ERP software is most demanding software in Education sector

School ERP Software is very increasing software in India  because technology replaces to human. It works very fast than human being in every way whether it’s accuracy and speed of completion of work. It is very beneficial in education field to manage the records of students. It helps to track all activities of the school/college day by day. ERP stores maximum information of institution, It will send message and emails as an alert to inform all students about various activities of institution.

ERP has the user friendly interface to manage all data. ERP provides unique login id and password to all users of institution to access facility, parents can track all information about their kids progress report cards, registration fees, homework, assignment and extra curricular activities. ERP software are based on real time processing, there’s no time delay to update or send data in records. It calculates the fine over the students due to late submission. It generates the yearly, monthly and weekly reports of students.

Management of Library:

It performs a very perfect role in library management system of institutions. It takes all records about books that which book is issued by which student. It has a proper record of a book. It can check availability of the books.

Need of ERP in institutional field

  • Find student and admin data from previous records.
  • Inaccuracy in financial data such as fees, salary of teachers.
  • Human face difficulties in manual calculation of fees of students of all students.
  • Difficulties in exchange information in different departments.

Benefits of ERP software

  • All ERP software are fully automated.
  • Whole data stored in a central location in a single place.
  • Whole workflow is executes systematic manner.
  • Institutions can share information easily with student’s parents.
  • Less efforts will produce more appropriate result.

There are some features of Educational ERP software


Why Schools Should Have School ERP Management Software

Fee Management Software Benefits for Schools

Fee Management Software Benefits for Schools

In Today’s world is digital world. Everyone has a digital device whether he or she has Smartphone or computer. To save time of parents of children many schools are adopting the online fee management system through web applications. It’s very comfortable then saving and manages manual fee reports of students. Most of the schools and colleges has adopted this service.

Fee Management?                                                                     

Fee management is a technique to manage the fee of students which is very efficient for school management authority.  The main work of this module is, pay fee, management of financial record of the fee, calculation of fine on the student due to late payment of his/her fee. We can manage all this work without any calculation error, if we do this work with the help of human then he will definitely make some errors in records, so its best in efficiency. It provides error free results of each student.

Benefits of fee management:-

Quick payment  

Pay the fees quickly through secure medium and generate the automated fee slip through the Smartphone and computer. Simply you have to visit the payment portal of the school.

You can use without any external aid
it helps user to submit fee without going to school’s office and without paper work. The user can feel the comfortable environment on the fee management system.

Management of detail of each student individually
Each student can make a new profile for him to  pay fee with some details such as name, father name, date of birth and roll number. Student can see his previous fee status and fine if available. If there are any fine such as library fine, hostel fees then he can check all of them and pay them at the same time. All students’ data will be shown in the form graphical form.

Secure and fast online payment gateway
Fee management provides a secure medium to pay the fee by which parents or the student can pay the fee easily without any risk. Student can pay the fee through the Smartphone or computer and generate the payment slip for future at the same time.

Easy Customization and flexible
It provides to change the fee amount for future as requirements. School authority can modify the fee amount when they realize that we have to increase or decrease the fee of the student. They can set discounts for student and penalty.

Generate monthly and yearly reports
School authority can generate the monthly and yearly reports of school fee records such that total amount of the fee, list of students who pay the fee, students who didn’t pay the fee. They can take backup of the whole data which is received daily, monthly or yearly with the help of online/offline synchronization of data.

Notifies  to parents
While student pay his fee one automate generated message will sent to student’s parents, which is an important feature which is the real time. It forms a communication between school and parents.