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5 Amazing Android Apps in 2018

5 Amazing Android Apps in 2018

5 Amazing Android Apps in 2018

Google Drive Suite

Google Drive is file storage and adjusts services developed by google. This app offers user 15 GB free storage permanently.  This is a safe place for all your files. Google Drive also allows user to store files on their serve and share file.

Google Maps

Google Map is a web mapping services developed by Google. Its offers satellite imagery, view streets, all traffic conditions, destination and traveled by cars, foot or others. Now Google Maps also provide offline maps.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher replaces your home screen and drawer icon or more on yours home screen including your backup and restore your home screen set up. You can even make it look like the pixel launcher if you want to.


Google Assistant

Google Assistant is primarily available on mobile, android phone, smart home or more. This is talking on Alexa, siri or other with its own voice assistant. It’s powered by Artificial Intelligence and developed by Google.  This is one of the most powerful apps, you simply download the app and from there, you can ask it whatever you want.

Google play Music & YouTube

Google play music is a Music and podcast service. Expert of Google play music read both your files and user upload fifty thousand of song from their personal liabilities at no cost. YouTube music is a mobile app development by You Tube. It’s also allows users to browse through watch music video, education video, news video, downloads songs and download video or more things.