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Artificial Intelligence



India is fast becoming the best hub for Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are all around the globe. India is seriously considering about outsourcing Al and loT service to the specialized and future-oriented software outsourcing companies.

Why is India emerging as a leader IT outsourcing choice in AI and other emerging technologies?

India is already known as a leading enterprise software provider on the cloud .There are many technologies where the acceptance and expertise in India is way higher compared to other countries. There are experts who believe that AI has the potential to increase India’s annual growth by 1.3 percentage. There are Al and emerging technology leaders startups, university courses, and large businesses that are booming in India. Some of the factors that are clearly establishing India’s leadership in AI and IoT are the number of startups seeking funding and getting funding from foreign investors. There is also an increase in the number of policies around AI in India, for example NITI Aayog (a National Institution for Transforming India) has established a national level AI policy. It focuses on AI research scope, adoption In fact, there are plans, in India, to roll out emerging technologies in healthcare, education, agriculture areas and villages. The Indian Government is planning to leverage AI to grow the Indian economy.

Why does it make sense to outsource AI and other emerging technologies?

There is clearly a dearth of AI programmers around the globe. The AI adopters are seriously challenged because of the costs associated with it. The fixed costs are quite high. It is hard, to get at par with competitors and meet customer expectations We make sense to outsource Al and other emerging technology because. AI is set to impact all industries profoundly.

More and more enterprises are keeping budget aside to adopt AI, there is no clear direction. The new roles in the c-suite are fuzzy when it comes to AI or other emerging technologies. There is help needed to bring AI efforts together and not something that is done as standalone efforts in cyber security data analytics and regulatory compliance. There are Al expert in Leading Software  Outsourcing AL and loT service likes Parakite Solution to help you understand and define the AI roadmap clearly.

We have experts who can help you understand the areas like where there are higher number of human errors or where the business has lower than expected margins

There is a shortage of AI talent and brainpower. Most of the executives believe that it’s a good idea to outsource as AI skilled or machine learning talent is not only hard to come by but comes at a high cost. It’s important to find people who have worked on Artificial  Intelligence Al, machine learning and loT services.

consert to one of our Al expert to the benefits of outsourcing your Al and loT services to Parakite Solution.