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Artificial Intelligence Vs Human

Artificial Intelligence Vs Human

We sure that you are well familiar with AI which is stands for Artificial Intelligence. AI works very wisely better than human being without rest.  Both play a better role in their fields. Human work with emotions and AI works without emotions. AI may have limited problem solutions and limited decision making but human being have multiple decision making skills, problem solving. Its depends on the way of using the AI. If we use AI with a good intention then it will provide result better.


Artificial Intelligence Human Intelligence
Works without emotion Works with lots of emotion such as – anger,
Do task with efficiency Can provide results with some errors
No calculation error Calculation error
Works continuously without rest Can work only 5-8 hours continuously
Can do task which human can’t do Can do only limited calculation task
It uses its processor to think It uses his brain to think


A robot of Saudi Arabia got the citizenship of Saudi Arabia for it’s sharp intelligence named Sofia. It was developed by Hanson Robotics which has developed multiple humanoid robots.


  • Provide results with efficiency
  • Do tasks continuously without rest
  • Helps to grow economical growth
  • More chances to innovation and creativity
  • Make task easy


  • Increase the unemployment and replace all human being with machines.
  • Works without emotions

This world is adopting the Artificial Intelligence more than the human being because it works faster than human. There are too many robots which works same as the human being and better than human. Some are advance robots which are getting the citizenship of countries. It’s possible only by Artificial Intelligence which is at the top position in the technology.

There are many bots which are widely using in companies to handle the customers with automatic voice calls and text chats.

How Artificial Intelligence Helps?

How Artificial Intelligence Helps?

First of all we need to familiar with Artificial Intelligence. Peoples know Artificial Intelligence by AI more. AI is the combination of two words which are Artificial and Intelligence. Artificial means something which are developed or made by human being. Not all things which are developed, may not be intelligence, they don’t have any idea to perform it’s task in a proper way. So to make perfect we have to make it intelligent. After installing the intelligence that thing will be work automatically according to different conditions. It works fully automatic in its environment.

What are the tasks of Artificial Intelligence?

Accurate Decision Making –

It’s perfect in accurate decision making. It creates the perfect solution for every problem with its intelligence. There may be several solutions but it will choose the best solution of the problem. If the client asks the question to the machine then it will give the proper and satisfied answer to the client.

Fraud Detection –

With the Artificial Intelligence we can reduce the fraud objects from our business. It will recognize with its tool and behavioral pattern to identify the fraud business and fake clients. There are too many fraud agencies working with fraud methods.

Automated Customer Support –

It will replace the human by it’s intelligence. Customer will be engage with the machine to get support.  There are so many bots and automatic calling system which provides services to the client of support. It will satisfy the client with it’s intelligence.

Learning Ability –

It has learning ability on the new technologies. It works without laziness and it never tired. Working too much it will not make any error.

Is There Any Loss From AI?

Yes! Definitely there are some losses from AI with having benefits:-

  • It increase the unemployment because it replace the human from the machines and works faster and smarter than the human being.
  • It is emotionless and works without any feelings.
Artificial Intelligence



India is fast becoming the best hub for Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are all around the globe. India is seriously considering about outsourcing Al and loT service to the specialized and future-oriented software outsourcing companies.

Why is India emerging as a leader IT outsourcing choice in AI and other emerging technologies?

India is already known as a leading enterprise software provider on the cloud .There are many technologies where the acceptance and expertise in India is way higher compared to other countries. There are experts who believe that AI has the potential to increase India’s annual growth by 1.3 percentage. There are Al and emerging technology leaders startups, university courses, and large businesses that are booming in India. Some of the factors that are clearly establishing India’s leadership in AI and IoT are the number of startups seeking funding and getting funding from foreign investors. There is also an increase in the number of policies around AI in India, for example NITI Aayog (a National Institution for Transforming India) has established a national level AI policy. It focuses on AI research scope, adoption In fact, there are plans, in India, to roll out emerging technologies in healthcare, education, agriculture areas and villages. The Indian Government is planning to leverage AI to grow the Indian economy.

Why does it make sense to outsource AI and other emerging technologies?

There is clearly a dearth of AI programmers around the globe. The AI adopters are seriously challenged because of the costs associated with it. The fixed costs are quite high. It is hard, to get at par with competitors and meet customer expectations We make sense to outsource Al and other emerging technology because. AI is set to impact all industries profoundly.

More and more enterprises are keeping budget aside to adopt AI, there is no clear direction. The new roles in the c-suite are fuzzy when it comes to AI or other emerging technologies. There is help needed to bring AI efforts together and not something that is done as standalone efforts in cyber security data analytics and regulatory compliance. There are Al expert in Leading Software  Outsourcing AL and loT service likes Parakite Solution to help you understand and define the AI roadmap clearly.

We have experts who can help you understand the areas like where there are higher number of human errors or where the business has lower than expected margins

There is a shortage of AI talent and brainpower. Most of the executives believe that it’s a good idea to outsource as AI skilled or machine learning talent is not only hard to come by but comes at a high cost. It’s important to find people who have worked on Artificial  Intelligence Al, machine learning and loT services.

consert to one of our Al expert to the benefits of outsourcing your Al and loT services to Parakite Solution.