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How helpful attendance management system is

Attendance management system is the revolution in institutional field. In previous days teachers makes the attendance in their registers by calling everyone names. It was the time consuming process. By this few time consume to make attendance of all students. In that case some student make presents of absent students because every teacher don’t know every student properly. So it is also a big problem in the record management of students. Attendance management system can solve of these problems with digital solution. No fake attendance will calculated of the students any days.

To resolve this problem we use school management system which is helpful to manage all data of the students which is in the institution. School management system can record students data such as fee, extra curriculum activities, published notices, school transport management, result generation, character certificate generation an many more task it can manage.

How much important attendance management system is for school ?

With the help of digital attendance management system we can do paperless work. It records the all students attendance in digital form. If we want to search any student attendance then it will return result fast and error free. If we do this work manually then it takes more time then digital process. It reduce the fake attendance from other students who is already absent.  It’s very fast to make presence or absence of the student. We can generate the student’s monthly attendance report, his all attendance, presence and absence in whole month.

Specifications of attendance management system in institutions

No error : It works for error free result. With human in manual management of attendance can make any calculation mistake. It does not include any extra present of student. It reduce all possible errors in calculations due to no paper work.

User friendly environment:   It works on user friendly environment with interesting graphics with bars and chart. With the help of this we can manage student data very easily with less errors. It can be operate by anyone member of the institution excluding students. Students can make their present on there and nothing. Faculty of institution can check details of any student day by day. It provide the security of database in which data of students is stored.

Notifying to parents : It generates a relation between parents of students and college authority. It sends notification through email or text message on parent’s mobile phone to notify the students current attendance status in the classroom. If student will absent without notifying to any teacher then school authority will send a text message or email to their parents to notify that your child with name is absent today, because of this parents will aware with their children all activities. It send leaves, monthly, weekly and annual report to student’s parents. It makes a good communication between college authority and parents.

Conclusion:  Its very important to track the student’s all activities on a single dashboard and it’s digital world and in digital world we can do and solve problems without papers and without errors.