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Is Your Computer is Slow Make Speed up Your Computer

In this era of technology everyone use a computer system but almost 80% person  worried of his computer slow speed .Now-a-days slow speed of computer system  is a normal problem which waste user’s time. Some people try many technologies to speed up their computer but they failed. In this articles we will discuss about “How to increase computer speed” in simple ways.

There is some easy ways to improve computer speed which helps the people to increase the computer speed.

  • Keep clean your computer:

There are many tools to clean your computer easily like as CCleaner, CM Booster, Android Booster etc. which removes extra junk files and other unnecessary internet files from you computer. If you keep these temporary file for long time then these file make your computer slow for this you should clean your computer time to time.

  • Uninstall unused program:

Some people not attention on extra application and software which is never in use. These extra programs make your computer slow for this you can access the uninstaller tool from control panel to uninstall the extra program.

  • Clean Hard Drive:

You can clean your disk drive by search program and files box .In run menu type cleanmgr.exe to access the disk drive. It is that “search program and files” box is that shown when you hit window start icon.


  • Remove viruses:

If your computer is slow then you need to alert respective to your computer because the viruses problem is not a common problem like other problem so you need to install an Antivirus program in your computer. With this Antivirus program you scan and check your computer regularly.

  • Restart regularly:

Restart is a very easy way to speed up your computer. If  your computer lot in use then you should restart your computer at least one time in a week.

Restarting close all program and software running on your PC-not only the program which shown in taskbar.

  • Update application regularly:

When you do not update your computer application at time to time then your PC works slowly .For this you should update all application regularly.

In this era of technologies, updating is more necessary.

  • Clean your browser history:

In this era every people use internet widely but maximum people don’t attention to clean browser history which make your computer slow. To make your computer speed fast you should clean all browser history which you search.