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How can we manage school data with mobile applications ?

In this digital world all person have their own smart phone or computer and also they don’t have so much time to manage information manually.The school staff also don’t have enough time to manage data of school because of lack of time. It is too difficult to manage data on papers.

Teachers can manage data with an application too but first of all we need that application. It provides the security, flexibility and efficiency of the data. Teachers can update the data from anywhere its not necessary to present in the school to update data. It’s the easy and quicker way to manage the data.

Why data management application is important for school?

We will elaborate it in few points below:

Security of data: The security is much important in every field of information technology. Less security will make big problems in the future. Only authorized persons can edit, save and delete the data if any unauthorized person get access to make changes in the data then he/she can delete or update invalid data of student.

Easy updating in the data: school authority can easily make changes in the data in few minutes. He can do this from anywhere not only from office.

Publish notices and announcements: Suppose that a school is going to organize a competition now how school authority will tell about competition to all students. Normally they will go to every classroom and will make announcement for competition. May be some students will be absent that day and he/she can’t get any information about that competition. So it’s not a better solution for that.

If we have school management application then we can do this task very easily in few minutes. We will publish a online notice which will be visible to every students in his profile dashboard and that student will be familiar with the competition and no one will going to miss that.

Management of attendance: Normally teachers take attendance by calling their name in the classroom. It is the time taking process and wastage of time. Some students puts theirs absent friend’s proxy. If teachers wants to generate a attendance report of all students then it will take a week to calculate all attendance. School management software will solve all problems easily. It will generate all types of reports in one click only of selected days.

Comfortable in administration: with the help of school management software admin can generate reports without any error because it is system generated reports. If we do calculation from our self the there will maximum chances to raise more errors in calculation but it will generate fresh reports which will be error free.