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Some points to get need of Institutional ERP

In the past there were so many schools and not so much students in the schools but they manage all student data manually. They appoint a specific person to manage the all work and he record all data of students such as name of student, father name, address, date of birth, fee status and many more. For being a human he can make so many mistakes in the records of the students and it will make big problem. To avoid these types of error we use the ERP software for better result.


Institutional ERP software:  ERP software are very useful in educational field to manage institutional data of students. It removes all paper works from office and work on fully digital environment. It increase the digital work from manual work and paperwork also. With the help ERP software anyone can work smoothly on the software. We will go behind the reason for using ERP is beneficial for us:

Fast data processing: It provides fast data processing in the calculation on the data of student. Suppose that we have to generate the fee reports of all students then we have to click only on the generate report then all report will be generated. If we generate the report manually from our calculation from the registers then it will take time, so it is fast in data processing. To save our time we can use ERP software for our school and focus on the school.

Secure platform: It provides full security of the data of student which can’t be access by no one. It provides because if anyone can access the data then he/she may be modify the whole data which is not good for institute. It may be harmful for student as well as school faculty also. First it authenticate to the user if he/she is valid user then it will let him to enter in the software.

Data efficiency: we all want the genuine data from the data source no pirate data or duplicate data if software is store any useless data then it’s not working properly. It should return the exact data from the database and perform action according to the admin.

Working of digital platform: It provides fully digital environment to all teachers, parents as well as students. It form a good communication between the teachers and parents. By this parents aware from their child performance. ERP sends a monthly report on parents mobile in the form of text message or email.

Conclusion: This is the digital world so we have to come on digital platform too to compete the world otherwise we’ll not grow up like others.

Why Schools Should Have School ERP Management Software

Reason behind ERP software is most demanding software in Education sector

Reason behind ERP software is most demanding software in Education sector

School ERP Software is very increasing software in India  because technology replaces to human. It works very fast than human being in every way whether it’s accuracy and speed of completion of work. It is very beneficial in education field to manage the records of students. It helps to track all activities of the school/college day by day. ERP stores maximum information of institution, It will send message and emails as an alert to inform all students about various activities of institution.

ERP has the user friendly interface to manage all data. ERP provides unique login id and password to all users of institution to access facility, parents can track all information about their kids progress report cards, registration fees, homework, assignment and extra curricular activities. ERP software are based on real time processing, there’s no time delay to update or send data in records. It calculates the fine over the students due to late submission. It generates the yearly, monthly and weekly reports of students.

Management of Library:

It performs a very perfect role in library management system of institutions. It takes all records about books that which book is issued by which student. It has a proper record of a book. It can check availability of the books.

Need of ERP in institutional field

  • Find student and admin data from previous records.
  • Inaccuracy in financial data such as fees, salary of teachers.
  • Human face difficulties in manual calculation of fees of students of all students.
  • Difficulties in exchange information in different departments.

Benefits of ERP software

  • All ERP software are fully automated.
  • Whole data stored in a central location in a single place.
  • Whole workflow is executes systematic manner.
  • Institutions can share information easily with student’s parents.
  • Less efforts will produce more appropriate result.

There are some features of Educational ERP software