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Is that important to every school should have School management software?

Our answer is yes! because most of the things on the internet now days and all are taking steps forward to the digital world.In this case if we work manually then how can we called digital. In previous some year there comes a big revolution in the world of internet. India become the top country in the category of consuming data of internet. After seeing all of this many schools adopted the school management software in Moradabad. After using this software all task become very easy such as to manage the fee records of the students, report generation of the students result, attendance management of students and many more. All work handled very easily.

What is school management software ?

School management software is a computer software which control and manage data all activity of activity of the school automatically. It doesn’t need any expert to operate this software, any one who have computer and internet knowledge, can work on it. It is required because all schools hire a members to manage all data of school and being a human it can make some errors in data and it will make big problem. It is more difficult to manage the data of all school.

There are some reason why all school should have school management software in Moradabad:

Automation : It is fully automated. We have to give commands only or select operations to perform.  We don’t have to require to do any calculation from our self. It gives results very fast and error free. We can generate the reports of the students when we want by just a click. We can generate the results from this also.

Managing the attendance : To manage the attendance is also very easy with help of this software. Ago teacher record the attendance in the attendance in his attendance register but now time is change. It will mark by the computer operator automatically. School authority can see how much a student take leaves in one week or month or in a year. It can calculate the total present and absent of the students.

Organize online test : with the help of this software school can organize online test and generate the result at the same time. It will be generate random questions which will be multiple choice.

Management of school transport: school authority can manage all of their transport with the help of this software.  It will take all information of bus and van driver for children safety.

Form a communication between parents and authority: Now days parents have less time to go and check condition of their kid in the school so kids take bunk from the class and wander here and there. It will loss of student’s education. To solve this problem it will send a text message to student’s parents while he/she absent from the class without their parent’s knowledge.

Management of fee: It is very difficult task to everyone who manage these types of data manually on papers. He will make some errors in the calculation in the amount of fee. But if we do all management with this software then we will not get any error of the data.

Why Schools Should Have School ERP Management Software

Reason behind ERP software is most demanding software in Education sector

Reason behind ERP software is most demanding software in Education sector

School ERP Software is very increasing software in India  because technology replaces to human. It works very fast than human being in every way whether it’s accuracy and speed of completion of work. It is very beneficial in education field to manage the records of students. It helps to track all activities of the school/college day by day. ERP stores maximum information of institution, It will send message and emails as an alert to inform all students about various activities of institution.

ERP has the user friendly interface to manage all data. ERP provides unique login id and password to all users of institution to access facility, parents can track all information about their kids progress report cards, registration fees, homework, assignment and extra curricular activities. ERP software are based on real time processing, there’s no time delay to update or send data in records. It calculates the fine over the students due to late submission. It generates the yearly, monthly and weekly reports of students.

Management of Library:

It performs a very perfect role in library management system of institutions. It takes all records about books that which book is issued by which student. It has a proper record of a book. It can check availability of the books.

Need of ERP in institutional field

  • Find student and admin data from previous records.
  • Inaccuracy in financial data such as fees, salary of teachers.
  • Human face difficulties in manual calculation of fees of students of all students.
  • Difficulties in exchange information in different departments.

Benefits of ERP software

  • All ERP software are fully automated.
  • Whole data stored in a central location in a single place.
  • Whole workflow is executes systematic manner.
  • Institutions can share information easily with student’s parents.
  • Less efforts will produce more appropriate result.

There are some features of Educational ERP software


Why Schools Should Have School ERP Management Software

Why Schools Should Have School ERP Management Software

Why Schools Should Have School ERP Management Software

Why Schools Should Have School ERP Management Software? After read my first statement of blog a question that comes arise in your mind is why schools should have School ERP Management software. Here I will share with you 5 basics reasons that clarify why it is important.


As we all know that any school has 1000 or more students every year of session and they must re-arrange the data of pass out students. Record to be maintaining not sufficient but it’s also used as they need in any situation or any circumferences.

Record management is big issue for any type of institute or Schools but handle these obstacles by ERP SCHOOL SOFTWARE are quite impressive and simple.


In our second point we will discuss about the second reason that avail us to use of School ERP Software for Fee Management of school’s students.

In our software we provide the facility to our clients that he/she manages Fee Heads by itself and set Fee for different heads like Transportation, Registration, Admission, Exam, Tuition, Monthly Fee etc. He/she set Class Wise Fee [For All class’s Students], Student Wise Fee [For Particular Student or Students] which works like one click Fee Management. This module provides flexibility to users to get monthly, half yearly or yearly fees according to the school norms.


In this point, I will tell you about the third facility of our School ERP Software i.e. Attendance Management. This will help you to manage all students’ attendance records easily. Attendance management is used to stores the attendance records of students and employee with date and time which helps to manage their records for grade card.

Reduces Communication Gap Between Teachers and Parents

As we all know that communication gap among teachers, students and parents is more important but usually in schools like students are smart enough that they bunk the school and the parents don’t have any knowledge about it. To help the parents, Parakite Solutions has developed school management software that send all reports of students like tests, exams, important notices etc and help in reducing communication gap between parents and teachers.


In this point, I will tell you about the fifth reason i.e. EXAMINATION & Assignment management. Our School Software having also a module to manage examination conducted at different months in most of all schools. This module helps users to manage their student’s exams/assignments monthly. This feature or module provides flexibility to administration to generate different reports related to student’s examinations.