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5 Unique Ways to Transform Your Home into a Smart Home

5 Unique Ways to Transform Your Home into a Smart Home

5 Unique Ways to Transform Your Home into a Smart Home

A smart home is a home where you can enjoy time with your family, without having to do too much manual work to maintain it, clean it and secure it. Evolution is the process through which humans learned how to make their life safer, healthier, comfortable and more enjoyable. Thus we were able to focus on arts, science music etc. because we did not have to spend every moment warring about food, security or other things. The evolution of humankind can be closely observed in connection with the development of our homes. And individual homes became larger, with rooms assigned for eating, sleeping, bathing, and recreation. Venerable palaces were followed by medieval strongholds, beautiful Victorian villas and modern high villas.

Here are the 5 Unique Ways to Transform Your Home into a Smart Home


5 Unique Ways to Transform Your Home into a Smart Home

 Use a Smart Lock for Your Front Door

Security beings at the front door and smart lock are a great way to add a big dose of technology to this main method of keeping your home safe. Keeping your from an is intruder is you’re a primary corner before you think about how to decorate and furnish it. Security system and smart lock have become more and more complex, trying to keep up with robber imagination.

But no lock which uses a key is truly safe because a key, no matter how complex its design is, can be copied what if the only thing which could unlock your front door were your mobile? This is the concept behind smart lock.

You give the command to lock / unlock from the phone, and your doors and house is safe.

Energy Saving Thermostat

Smart home products not only make your life safer, more convenient and more fun, they can also help you to save energy and money. As a member of the Flex your power energy efficiency campaign, we can show you how to be a friend to the environment and your wallet through energy conservation. Thermostat automatically reduces heating and cooling power. While you’re away by sensing motion and logging when you override the temperature, saving on energy costs. Smart thermostat in your home, you will enjoy your life the perfect temperature and see your electricity bill at the same time.

Smart Refrigerator

Yes really there’ an app even for your fridge. It helps you control the fridge temperature and scan the consents of the refrigerator and get alerts when some of the products are close to the expiration date. Smart refrigerator provide both heat and cold water. You select temperature and amount of water. You want heated and your smart refrigerator sends a notification to your smart phone when your heated water is ready.

Control Internet Connection by IFTTT Online Smart App

IFTTT is an online app that helps you create a chain of events connected by cause and effect. It started as a productivity app for managers, but quickly grew popular and people demanded more uses for it. With IFTTT you can control internet-connected devices in your home and program them to turn on or off in a certain sequence. For instance, you can program the light to switch on in the garage 20 minutes after the coffee maker was turned on, as this is how much it takes you to drink your coffee and head for work.

Smart Personal home Assistant

Home Assistant sounds perfect: you can use it for free, it doesn’t mine your data for ads and it supports most of the popular smart home devices. You can opt between Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s Siri. These Artificial Intelligence entities respond to voice commands an can be programmed to take charge of various things around your house.