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The conventional Guide to Increasing Demand of Shopping Portals

The conventional Guide to Increasing Demand of Shopping Portals

The conventional Guide to Increasing Demand of Shopping Portals

The conventional Guide to Increasing Demand of Shopping Portals

A website that lists companies selling a particular type of product as well as Shopping portals are shopping websites connected with some airline or hotel loyalty programs, as well as through the banks, Chase, and Barclay. It can benefit your business in so many ways from increasing your brand value to making huge profit in sale. Shopping portals are the need of current generation business.

Increasing Demand of Shopping Portals

Here is some most common reason why having a shopping portal can increase your productivity as well as sell.

Portal participation and managerial implications for retailers-To begin with portal membership has facilitated retail partners’ entry into a new market segment, an online shopping center. Portal membership also offer partners the advantage of broader distribution and a new benefit in the online marketplace, that of increasing the installed base of customers.

Retailers also have easy access to information and to complementary resources. There are obvious cost advantages including customized software, centralized marketing and access to expertise and customers of other retail partners. These benefits are examined in more detail below.

Generating site traffic-This ability to generate regular site traffic is a key benefit accruing to partners as they join a portal with over 90,000 registered users, a large proportion of which are regular internet purchasers. Buy4Now also has plans to further invest in search engine marketing which should generate additional traffic for the portal and individual partners.

Brand leverageThis overcomes a key challenge for both Buy4Now and its retail partners, that of encouraging consumers to modify their current shopping habits in favor of internet shopping and, an area where few are succeeding. It has been suggested that stores who can integrate e-tailing and a strong brand will fare well and this has been the case with partners.

In these cases having a known brand lowers the cost of customer acquisition for companies and encourages loyal shoppers to make the transition online as the company does. This type of online shopping portal provides the online consumer with a range of services which are offered as a two way link passing traffic from one brand to another brand.

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